just a little sneak peek for one of my lovely clients who is super smart and is NOT on facebook 😉 She probably gets a heck of a lot more done in her life than i do! haha!

this family is adorable and i enjoy getting to spend an hour with them every year!

I am still playing catch up…

here are a few more families & sessions to enjoy!

My bestest friend Megan & her adorable little family bought their first house and I snapped a few pictures to help them remember the occasion :) CONGRATULATIONS ON BEING HOME OWNERS YOU GUYS!

This next post will be kind of long – I adore this family and was delighted to see ever single one of them in 1 place all at the same time! I grew up with this family in Southern Ontario – they are like family – over the years they have certainly added to their family and each one of them are amazing people! It was such a JOY to be with them in Alberta and to capture these special family moments for them :)

This next family was truly adorable… The 3 kids asked me lots of hilarious questions such as: so….what’s your husband’s name? How old are you? Have you ever had a husband? Do you have any kids? Do you want kids? HAHA it was so precious! I love kids with personalities and who aren’t afraid to talk and interact with me – these kids had personality PLUS – and i think you will agree that they are quite good looking as well – the full package indeed!

I think that is all for now – I have to get ready to run out and do another family session this evening :) Check back soon – there will be more coming!

I’m not really sure if anyone even checks in here anymore…I know that I have almost forgotten about my blog, so I don’t blame anyone else who has too!

I am going to try to catch up – I think I basically have a full year and a half of sessions to blog – I will most likely do a few big blog posts with multiple images and families combined in order to get all caught up!

I hope some people swing by to check it out :)

sorry for the silence…I promise to be better.


first up is a lovely family that I have known forever – Kari ( the mom) and I grew up in Ontario together…she was always the cool teenager that I looked up to! Now she is the cool woman that I look up to! The rest of the family is pretty awesome too!

Next up is the most adorable little man ever! Baby Finn – He just turned 1 so you know that I am wayyyyy behind in posting these images! I adore this family as well – My friend Megan makes the most precious children – they are a pleasure to photograph and be around

Then I traveled to Ontario where i met up with this adorable family – I went to school with the mom and hadn’t seen her in over a decade! We had to fight many a mosquito during this session but it was super fun to “shoot” in a new location and to capture new faces!

I was so very excited to get the chance to photograph this next family…It was their first session as a family of 3 and I felt pretty honored that they chose me :) I have known this fabulous couple for years and remember the day that I heard they had adopted their beautiful son. There I was, 3000 miles away crying in my car… I love me a good miracle story…they get me every single time! I think you will agree that this baby boy is beyond adorable, I hope to be able to photograph this awesome family again one day!

Alrighty, I think I can sleep tonight knowing that I got some of these beautiful faces up on the blog now!

come back soon – I have many more to share!

I have to admit that engagement sessions/ couple sessions are among my absolute favourite types of sessions to shoot. So I was super excited when Steph contacted me to do her and Weston’s engagement session!

As I am sure you will all agree, this is one photogenic couple! I was so impressed with how easy they were to work with and photograph. We definitely had a bit of a challenge with the wind and cold weather but these two didn’t let it faze them one bit!! They made my job so easy and fun!

Thanks so much Steph & Weston – you were a JOY to photograph, I hope that your married life is just as amazing as you hoped it would be!

I wish you much happiness in the years to come.

things don’t always go as planned.

especially if you are 2.

I’m cool with that.

I think he is pretty darn cute whether he is smiling or crying.

I think you will agree :)

meet Carthew. he has the best hair of any child ( boy or girl) I have ever met.

no lie.

please note the progression of these images…hehehe

from nervously cautious….

to melt down mode…but…brownie points for staying on the crate!

to a big sigh of relief in mama’s arms…i quite adore this image actually :)

they say that things are better late than never right? … a sincere apology to this lovely family!! I took their pictures last November and still haven’t blogged them! my, my how time flies by when you are distracted by life!

I am happy to say that the lovely Siever family is now on my blog! They were nothing but a joy to work with – such well behaved, lovely children made my job so easy!

Thank you Siever family for your lovely compliments on my work, and for trusting me to capture some moments of your family…it was truly a pleasure.

it is so much fun to see how much clients change and grow from session to session… I had the pleasure of photographing these 3 last year around this time of year and i definitely noticed a difference! however, they were just as funny and good looking!

here is a little sneak peek.

here is what they looked like last year…

here is a little taste of what is to come from a lovely family session i shot this week :)


I am almost caught up! just in time to begin all over again :)

stay tuned for blog posts featuring some of these adorable, beautiful, cute, smart, funny, precious, happy, loving faces!!

life is good!

this session makes me so happy…everytime i look at these images i feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

This lovely mama was my very first friend here in Lethbridge, AB. The moment i saw her sitting on the floor in the hallway of the University waiting to get into our classroom i knew that i wanted to be friends with her…i didn’t know how it would happen, only that it would happen..somehow…

it turned out that we had a couple of classes together that very first semester of our first year at the University of Lethbridge…I don’t particularly know how we started talking but eventually we did and she started to invite me over to her apartment to hang out and after that we became fast friends! Eventually we grew apart and lost touch with eachother…something that i regretted for many years after…I used to think about her all of the time and wonder how she was…what she was up to…i often wondered if she truly knew how much she had meant to me back then…what a blessing she had been in my life…i began to wonder if i would ever have to the chance to see her again or to make things right between us…

well fast forward about a decade and through the miracle of facebook we had the chance to re-connect and as it turned out she and her husband ( she was married to the boy she had been dating all the way back when we used to hang out) and her son ( she had a son! what?!) were thinking of moving back to Lethbridge! what luck!

to make a long story short…they did end up moving back here and her and i picked up where we had left off – those 10 + years seem to melt away the moment i saw her…i remembered all of the many reasons why she had meant so very much to me. She was and remains to be to this day a friend who unconditionally loves & accepts me. grateful is such a small word to use to describe how i feel to have her back in my life!

since we’ve reconnected she & her husband have had another baby – it was so fun to see her pregnant with this sweet little boy and to meet him for the first time…he is such a little charmer and has gorgeous eyes like his equally handsome big brother. i was so lucky to have been trusted with their special family of 4 moments and to have gotten many sweet baby Liam snuggles in that day!

this post reminds me that life is good…and friendship can stand the test of time and the silly decisions of youth…that what is meant to be…will always be and that true friends are worth fighting for and waiting for. This post also reminds me of the miracle of life…that sometimes the road can be hard…but when you finally arrive you know it was worth all of the stumbling blocks you had to endure to get there…This family is beautiful and special and I am so, so happy to have them back in my life!

i love you Jeanna girl…thank you for everything.

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